Does your debt scream fear or shout opportunity?

  • Your debt is all over the place with all different interest rates
  • Your debt repayments are a big portion of your monthly spend
  • You don’t know how to best structure your debt
  • You’re not sure if negative gearing is right for you
  • Your “bad debt” to “good debt” ratio is too high
  • You don’t know when you’ll be free of debt

How we help

  • Consolidate your debt
  • Get you out of debt as fast as possible with debt exit planning
  • Provide you with a debt road map so you have a plan to get in and out of every debt position
  • Create tax efficient debt strategies
  • Prioritise your debt
  • Structure your debt

Things to consider

  • The way you structure your debt can save or cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over time
  • Debt is not always bad, and at low interest rates you can often get better returns on investments
  • Negative gearing isn’t right for everyone – positive gearing often is
  • A 30-year loan term is a really long time – don’t lump yourself with huge problems in 30 years’ time
  • Interest only should be a short-term solution

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My experience with Kris has been a really good and professional one. Kris has been thorough, detailed, and put everything into simple terms for me to understand. Kris has helped me put things in place that I wanted to achieve. The standout for me is Kris’ knowledge in the areas that I needed help with, and the way that he explained everything for me to understand. I’d give Kris 5 stars.


My experience with Kris and Wealtheon has been fantastic. Kris has a really good, personal approach to things. He put in a lot of effort to make it as easy as possible for me, such as having meetings at times that worked for me. I’d definitely give Kris 5 stars.


Our experience with Kristopher has been excellent so far with excellent service. The standouts for us are the overall customer service, the attention to detail, how nothing was too much trouble and how Kristopher worked in with us especially regarding meeting times. We now feel confident about our finances and insurances and our financial future. We would give Kristopher 5 stars.

Tamara & Tony Junger

At the start of working with Kristopher I was so stressed and had been burnt badly in the past, so trusting anyone with my finances was very difficult. Kristopher was able to put everything into place, so I knew that I was on the right path and could ease off and reduce my stress. My standout is simply how thorough Kristopher is, you say something and even if you’ve forgotten it, he will remember and bring it up to discuss. You never feel like you’ve forgotten anything or skimmed over it when you get out of a meeting with him. You could casually mention at the start that you really want to get XYZ done, then forget, then later he will bring it up, address it and account for your goal, no matter how small. I have felt really heard and listened to throughout this process, and Kristopher made sure it was easy for me to understand. Kristopher has been so thoughtful the whole way through, and incredibly trustworthy. Trusting was very difficult for me in the beginning, and Kristopher has made that easy. I would give Kristopher 5 stars.


Kris has been very helpful. He is easy to get along with and communicate with. We would give Kris and Wealtheon 5 stars.

Jodie Brown

Kris has been so helpful to us. He is extremely professional and easy to get along with. He tailored advice specific to our needs. We were unaware of the aspects of financial freedom and now through the changes, we have made are excited for the years ahead. We are certain seeking financial advice through Kris was the best decision for our family’s future. Thank you Kris!

Aleesha, Cannonvale