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What Shane Warne can teach us about risk

The recent passing of cricket legend Shane Warne reminds us all too vividly of our own mortality.

Where to from here?

Most global equity markets have been selling off due to rising bond yields which have been reacting to high inflation, not seen for decades, and a very aggressive US Fed.

What we mean by “investment styles”

In essence, ‘investment styles’ refer to how fund managers choose the underlying investments of their funds, which may be actively or passively managed.

The ‘what, why and how’ of contributing to super

With so many changes to super in recent times, comparing to the past can be confusing. Focusing on the present, this article starts afresh giving an overview of the current (May 2022) superannuation contribution options.

What will the Labor win mean for markets?

Labor’s election victory marks the end of the Coalition’s almost decade long reign. This election has seen several successful ‘teal’ Independents, including Monique Ryan, who ran against the incumbent Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg.