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3 Things You Need To Do Before End Of Financial Year

3 things you need to do before end of financial year As the financial year winds to a close, it’s time for all of us Millennials and Gen Xers to give our finances a good hard look. Managing your money is anything but exciting, but as you get older, it becomes increasingly important to ensure […]

Negative Gearing Explained

Negative Gearing Explained   Negative gearing is a term you may have heard thrown around, but do you really know what it means? It’s an investment strategy that has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to use your income to generate growth on assets. While negative gearing does come with some risks […]

negative gearing

Quarterly Compass – Summer Wrap Up

Summer is over and with the first 3 months of the year down, we start a new quarter. A new quarter is always when we take time to reflect on what’s happened and what we expect to see in the months/year ahead. We have had our Huxter Estate 2023 harvest which was exciting and marked […]

Are Interest Rates Going Up?

Are interest rates going up? In this article you will find out how interest rates work and why they might keep going up or what it would take for them to come back down again. There is no doubt about it. This raising of interest rates has come at blinding speed which no-one was quite […]

Pay off the mortgage early or invest? Which is better?

Pay off the mortgage early or invest? Which is better? Should I pay off the mortgage early or invest and save for retirement? This is one of the most asked questions I get as a financial advisor. Accordingly, it’s also one of the most relevant and crucial questions that need to be answered for each […]

invest or mortgage?