The female investor

Many women are retiring in poverty, but this may be about to change. Find out why female investors are quickly rising in numbers and how their portfolios tend to differ from their male counterparts.

How much do you know about investing?

Investing is normally a topic that conjures up images of pin-striped executives and sophisticated financial markets. In reality, the act of investing is part of our daily lives; all of us are doing it throughout the day, though we might not consciously stop to think about it.

How to go broke trying to get rich quick

Can you really become wealthy from a get-rich-quick scheme? This article addresses the many “investment opportunities”, both legal and illegal, that promise big returns over a short period of time, explaining the risks associated with each, and the importance of professional advice.

Why the interest in index funds?

This article describes index funds and lists reasons for their recent popularity. It also covers how to access these funds, the disadvantages of this type of investment, and finishes with a recommendation to speak to your financial planner for further information.

What is money… really?

This educational article explains the difference between money and currency. It includes a brief history of how banking and money originated and how this has evolved into today’s banking. It also lists the key criteria of real money.