Disability Support Pension Problems – A Case Study

Disability Support Pension Problems – A Case Study If your client receives a personal injury compensation payment of around $500,000 after a workplace accident, it may affect their eligibility for a disability support pension. Read on to find out how disability support pensions can impact compensation. When a court awards a lump sum for damages, […]

Disability Support Pension & Compensation

Simple deduction to save on tax

There is a tax rule that every Australian needs to be more familiar with that can save everyone over the age of 18 a heap of money every year and can wipe off a heap of capital gains. Extra Super contributions. Why is it beneficial? Super is only taxed at 15% so anyone making more […]

save on tax through superannuation

Work, life, travel – you can do it all!

Recent events have caused many to re-evaluate their life priorities and many dream of experiencing another country’s culture while earning a living.

Profit First: The Simple System That’s Changing Entrepreneurs’ Lives

Profit First. Reduce Risk. Build Wealth. Create Discipline. Every single entrepreneur has one big dream: to be successful. This is not just about becoming rich, but also about living a life that’s free from financial worries. The problem for many entrepreneurs is they don’t know how to start this process of wealth-building. Is there something […]

Wealtheon’s Exclusive Interview with Craig Nenke, founder of Nenke Consulting

We’re excited to have you join us for Wealtheon’s Interview with Craig Nenke. Our principal adviser, Kristopher Meuwissen recently sat down with business consultant and founder of Nenke Consulting, Craig Nenke, to have a chat about his impact on the business world, how he helps his clients smash their business goals, and what business life […]

Business to business insider interview with Craig Nenke and Kris Meuwissen