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Quarterly Compass: Spring 2023

Quarterly Compass: Spring 2023 Spring has sprung in earnest which has brought a whole lot of change. We have been working hard at Wealtheon and Huxter Estate and are implementing a few big things that we are excited about launching in 2024. Some of these new launches I need to keep tightly wrapped but something […]

spring 2023

Quarterly Compass: The End To Low Volatility.

Quarterly Compass: The End To Low Volatility In the last 3 months a lot has happened. Our June Compass is always an interesting one because we get an opportunity to review the last financial year as a whole and the last financial year was a doozy, both good and bad. Things at here at Wealtheon […]

Quarterly Compass: The End To Low Volatility

Quarterly Compass – Summer Wrap Up

Summer is over and with the first 3 months of the year down, we start a new quarter. A new quarter is always when we take time to reflect on what’s happened and what we expect to see in the months/year ahead. We have had our Huxter Estate 2023 harvest which was exciting and marked […]

Silicon Valley Bank – What’s Going On?

So what’s happening with markets at the moment? If you haven’t seen already, about three or four days ago markets started to drop, and they started to drop pretty heavily. Over the last week, we’ve wiped up nearly all the gains that we had from about November last year. So what has done that and […]

Silicon Valley Bank – What’s Going On?

Simple deduction to save on tax

There is a tax rule that every Australian needs to be more familiar with that can save everyone over the age of 18 a heap of money every year and can wipe off a heap of capital gains. Extra Super contributions. Why is it beneficial? Super is only taxed at 15% so anyone making more […]

save on tax through superannuation